9 ideal advertising ideas in Social Media for the F&B industry

Although no enterprises in the F&B industry can ignore its presence on Social Media, to connect to target audiences in a meaningful way, the marketing content needs to reach a certain level of attraction that matches the general marketing strategy of the enterprises.

Here are 9 ideal advertising ideas that help enterprises in the F&B industry create an intimate relationship with current customers and appeal to new customers via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Inspiration from staff

Staff is a giant treasure of enterprises. Let’s take advantage of their talents, major, personality, passion, and personal social media! By sharing posts about your staff who serves customers directly, you supply a closer view of your brands.

Inspiration from the staffs of F&B enterprises (source: Internet)

This method will attract and provoke your staff to share the posts on their personal social media. It increases the visibility of the posts as well as shows the recognition of the enterprises to the staff.

Cross-media advertisement

For example, you have many likes on Facebook but few followers on Instagram? You should use your most popular media to advertise other channels. The more indirect interactions between your brand and customers, the better connection you have. Social media is the perfect method for this purpose.

Behind the scenes

Supplying customers a glance into your enterprise’s inner views, the behind-the-scenes images may show a bigger picture of your brand-oriented development.

Supplying customers a glance into the inner views of F&B enterprises (source: Internet)

You can post a behind-the-scenes of the way your brand connects to farmers or local vendors, or a step in the process of favorite dish preparation with all ingredients in the photos.

Share your customers’ posts

Never underestimate your customers! You can search for your customers’ photos with meaningful stories on social media. Having their permissions, you can comment positively, retweet, or repost their content on your page. It creates the excitement of new customers and honors your old customers who have used your products or services.

Share the most special dishes you have

Recommending a list of try-worthy dishes in your restaurant via videos or a photo of different dishes can stimulate your current followers to try something new or expand their experiences with your brand.

Make a creative notice

Instead of making a general announcement on social media, let’s make it creatively among the crowds. For example, you can highlight your seasonal dishes as a weather forecast, or claim about the new opening as an intriguing secret reveal.

Introduce new dishes in the menu

Each season will bring in new ingredients that is a great chance to expand your customer list. Introducing ideas for a new menu via beautiful and bright photos will make your customers excited and hungry!

Introducing the menu of F&B enterprises via eye-catching photos (Source: Internet)

Small tip: using the hashtag # to get more reach by target customers.

Promote community activities

Let’s share about local activities that your customers are interested in. An amazing play is happening? An annual parade will take place this month? Posting about these events increases the number of participants, at the same time, reminds your customers to enjoy meals in your restaurant.

Change the social media account moderator

Although the 8 brilliant ideas above will give you some fresh and lovely content for your F&B enterprise’s marketing strategy on social media, this one is an audacious option that is try-worthy. Think about it - grant access to one of your Social Media accounts to one of your loyal customers or your most loyal employee who “takes over” the account.

Your audiences can find out different aspects of your brand via other perspectives. The new views are absolutely more interesting. However, you should give them proper guidelines on how to run these accounts, things they should and should not do, and free space for their creativity and personality.

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