10 secrets to branding successful

Nowadays, there are 2.1 million people (equivalent to more than 2/3 of Internet users) have social media accounts. Therefore, it is understandable why enterprises and marketers are likely to agree that social media is important in branding.

Time after time, products will expire, elegant packages are not on trend, and competitors will appear gradually. Enterprises who care about the products only cannot survive in the market anymore. In contrast, the enterprises that have a brand with their unique images, value, quality, and loyalty and belief from customers will never be replaced. Let’s make a brand for your enterprise.

Where should we start? Here are 10 secrets to make your brand successful in social media.

1. The unification in all platforms

Pantene – a famous shampoo brand believes that branding cannot be completed in a short time, it’s a big investment in both time and effort. According to Brandchannel, Nike takes 15 years to reinforce its brand by focusing on “360-degree delivery” to unify its brand in all products, advertisements, customer services, and packages. With the same concept, building a strong and consistent brand in all social media is of importance. A brand’s profile on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Blog, or any other platforms should unify and suitable for the brand’s orientation and styles. It shows in the unification of graphics, color, styles, language, and posting habits. A famous quote on Monday? #TBT (Throwback on Thursday) image on Thursday? Whatever the daily tasks are, keep them consistent so that the followers know what they can expect from your brand.

2. Brand philosophy via a logo

A successful logo is similar to the anchor of a brand and its design represents brand philosophy. Before designing the logo, you need to consider thoroughly what your brand represents, and among them, what is not necessary for the logo.

3. Get impression via colors

Colors can show the unique features and meanings of a brand as graphics do. The colors can impress and attract target customers to know and use the products or services of the brand. As we mentioned above, the colors should be unified in all social media, both online and offline, to guarantee consistency and professionalism.

4. Brand voice & styles

Products or services along with the demographic of target customers will decide the brand’s voices and styles in social media. Let’s consider a brand as a human, think about which voice it will use to contact other people, and describe it through age, gender, hobbies, and personalities.

Social media explorer Stephanie Schwasb shows some useful guidelines to find out a brand’s voice basing many factors as below:

  1. Tone: Make it clear to your subscribers what and how your brand will communicate online with them. Your brand is not serious and irrelevant or serious and formal.
  2. Language: Which language will your brand use? A new brand usually uses slang, a niche brand will use abbreviation or terminology.
  3. Purpose: Why does your brand appear on social media? What is your brand’s purpose? Education or entertainment?

5. Contact with your customers as a true friend

If your brand’s features have been formed already, you need to use these features to build a trustworthy brand. On social media, a proven successful method is to communicate with your customers as a true friend. Respond to the inquiry in the most understandable way, and don’t forget to create fun and comfort. Unique? Funny? Serious? Communication with your features and personalities will create a cute image for your brand. If you can make it clever, smart, and entertaining, your brand will become well-known and popular quickly.

6. Stop direct advertisement, talk more

Accordingly, you need to focus on building the relationship with customers through talking, interacting, joining, and caring. Don’t concentrate on advertising your products or services. A conversation from both sides which takes a lot of time and effort is key because smart people believe in the brand already.

7. Tell interesting stories

Who doesn’t like a good story? The stories are the center of people’s survival. In fact, by telling a story, you can give a strong impact on the customers and make them relate to their stories and experiences. With the same concept, a brand or a brand’s idea can become attractive by telling intriguing stories about their enterprise or their customers. Bring your customers into your story and turn them into an important and indispensable part of the story.

8. Be explicit

The explicitness is the base of any solid relationship, hence, supplying customers a glance in the behind-the-scene photos can create a healthy relationship between brands and customers. The customers can understand the brand better via revealed information about your brand on social media.

9. Post related contents

Don’t post too much content. You should keep your post on social media relevant, meaningful, and simple. Overregulated posts and boring contents are the two main reasons for the users to unfollow and unlike your brand.

10.Visual content

Users engage in posts with photos more than those with no photos. You should add infographic, relevant photos, and other visual content, and use Pinterest and Tumblr to archive and share visual content.

Social media may be excellent tools to increase your presence online, but more and more brands join the Internet as a trend, and marketing becomes a mess. Make sure you not only use social media as marketing channels for your brand but also use it effectively to become outstanding and keep in touch with customers.

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